Monday, August 30, 2010

Gaining rep with the Argent Dawn

Well, i was bored today, so i decided I'd start trying to get exalted with the Argent Dawn, so i could be Wafflesquad The Argent Champion, little did i know, it would prove to be a pain in the ass.

 Protip; Grinding mobs outside of Stratholme is NOT the way to go

I figured this was a good spot, but i was wrong, Stratholme gives WAY more rep in one run than you'd get here in 3 hours.

Basically, you get 10 rep per mob you kill, 50 per boss, and 400 when you kill Baron Rivendare, this ONLY counts in the undead side though, no rep for scarlets. Also, the mobs you kill will drop Scourgestones (If you have the trinket given to you by the Argent Dawn equipped.) Which can be turned in for 150 rep for 20, or the Corrupters Scourgestone, which are 150 rep for 1.

It takes a lot of patience, because its ever so tedious, takes forever to get up, im only halfway to revered right now, but ill be sure to keep you posted for when i finally get that damn title

This is going to take a while...


  1. Gah! I remember grinding AD rep!

  2. ahh shit
    that blog made me wanna play wow again :(

  3. interesant..i follow you

  4. Yeah, I just usually farmed Strath over & over for the Rep plus the chance at the mount; managed to get it on 2 toons :p
    You should check my blog out sometime!

  5. A WoW fan! are you a sc2 fan though?

    clock me, clock you! ;P

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  6. i did that a while ago and the orbs were selling great!

  7. such a pretty ui~

  8. Cool story bro following.
    Follow back :)

  9. Totally awesome.