Monday, August 30, 2010

My Druid

See that? Thats what a pro looks like. 80 Tauren Druid on Earthern Ring, yeah, you noticed my Nibelung? now you're jealous.

Im basically the most boss DPS you've ever met, now, i know what you're thinking "Insect Swarm/Moonfire then Starfire/Wrath spam isn't hard", Yeah, true. but neither is your classes rotation so shut it.

11k wrath crit, oh baby, that's good stuff. It really isnt THAT hard being pro at WoW, some people just suck, and you're one of those people, maybe I, the Mighty Wafflesquad, can teach you how not to suck

But probably not.


  1. hi bro, nice blog
    check out mine too, you might like it

  2. hi bro, nice blog

  3. Nice bro. :D
    11k is a lot for a spell that you spam. XD
    I, myself, have a 80 ret paladin on Ravenholdt, yeah, I know, XD. Horde, ftw!
    Good hunting brother.
    Also, check out my blog, maybe I will post some WoW stuff too, now and again :D

  4. new lvl cap is whack.. I was excited to reach 90, but o well. check my blog spot for some good laughs i update alot

  5. seeing stuff like this makes me want to play WoW

  6. very cool! I love wow, and reading this made me wanna jump back in!

  7. nice